‘Tis the season for backyard BBQs, tailgate parties and picnics! We love summer and the social gatherings that come with it. These Blackberry Aged Cheese Skewers are a no fuss appetizer or incredibly easy low carb dessert that everyone loves…trust me, they will be the first thing to go at your next shindig.
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Let’s Talk Cheese Please:

This beautiful board is simple, elegant, and delicious. We choose juicy blackberries sandwiched between aged gouda and either a raw aged cheddar or Spanish Manchego cheese for our skewers. Aged gouda tastes like a blend of cheese and caramel. Seriously, my favorite cheese on the planet! Aged cheddar is nice and sharp which is wonderful when combined with sweet blackberries. Manchego is a semi hard cheese made from sheep’s milk and can be found in almost any grocery store that carries speciality cheeses. NOTE: many aged cheeses taste amazing with berries. If you can’t find the three I suggest, feel free to try others. Fruits and cheese is always a winner!

Low Carb too!

This beautiful combination of fruit and cheese can be served as a simple appetizer or low carb/keto dessert. When we were in France recently we ate cheese and fruit for dessert every night. It’s a thing! And a really good thing. Give it a try after dinner instead of a traditional American sweet dessert, you may just be surprised at how much you…

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