When people ask me what my “specialty” is, my answer is always the same: salads and roast chicken. I LOVE a good oven roasted chicken. NOTHING makes the house smell more heavenly than a bird in the oven. And this Easy Roast Chicken- Whole30/Keto is my most simple recipe yet!
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Let’s Talk about this Easy Roast Chicken- Whole30/Keto

I have many recipes on this site for roasted chicken, some are elaborate, some are easy, but none are as simple as this Easy Roast Chicken- Whole30/Keto. It literally has four ingredients (besides salt and pepper) and takes about 8 minutes to prep, and once you pop it in the oven you don’t revisit it again for an hour and 15 minutes. Oh, and it’s tender, sooo tender! And just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it lacks flavor, it’s loaded in fact.

Why I Love Roast Chicken, Especially When Eating Whole30 or Low Carb:

I build all my meals around protein. I choose my protein, add a small portion of healthy fat (olive oil, avocado oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, etc) and then fill the rest of my plate with vegetables. Roast chicken is my ‘go to’ for protein. 

Cooking Two Birds at The Same Time:

I will often cook two birds at the same time, serving one for dinner, and cutting up the second to…

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