If roasting an entire turkey is intimidating to you, I have the perfect solution: Easy Roasted Herb Butter Turkey Thighs! Simple to prep, cooks up in an hour and 15 minutes and no need to baste or tend in anyway. And holy cow, look at that crispy golden skin!
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How to Make Easy Roasted Herb Butter Turkey Thighs:

This recipe is the perfect alternative for the holidays. To make, simply combine butter with herbs and place under the skin on chicken thighs, place thighs, more herbs and citrus in a large skillet and bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Yup, that’s it!

Why Thighs?

Turkey thighs are more juicy and tender than breast meat, and they are super budget friendly. So you can feed a crowd without breaking the bank.

Serve as is or with Cranberry Sauce or Gravy:

These thighs are succulent and delicious served with just the juices and drippings in the pan, but if you want to jazz things up, my fresh tangy cranberry sauce is the perfect accompaniment to this savory turkey main course.

If your tastes lean a bit more toward the savory side, try…

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