There is no need to search the internet for holiday recipes this year, because I have Everything You Need For Your Holiday Feast right here in one post!

I May Be a Little Bit of a Control Freak when It Comes to Food…

Maybe. Just maybe.
Even if I am not making everything myself I have a habit of asking people to bring something and then shooting them a link. Now you may think people would get annoyed by that (if so no one has expressed annoyance…yet) but in my experience they are grateful they don’t have to figure it out themselves and wonder if whatever they bring will work with the rest of the food being served. See I am doing everyone a big favor! That’s my story and I am sticking to it. So what links do I shoot off when making food assignments for the holidays? These…

The Drinks:

We don’t drink alcohol, but we love a sparkling festive drink that is also liver friendly. We opt for spritzers all the way! I have two flavors that will make everyone happy: The Lemon Basil Spritzer and The Pomegranate Lime Spritzer.

The Appetizers:

I am having a love affair with this gorgeous Baked Brie with Cranberries and Walnuts right now. Savory, sweet, creamy goodness served warm and spread on a cracker…heaven I tell you!

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