Roasted chicken floats my boat. It rocks my world, makes my taste buds do a jig and if I am being truthful the aroma of a roasting bird causes my salivary glands to do their job very, very well…in other words, I drool. Roasted chickens are easy to make, pretty foolproof to cook, fairly budget friendly, extremely versatile, make delicious leftovers, not to mention when you serve one everyone will sing your praises. I mean really, look at this exquisite bird! So here is everything you need to know about roasting a chicken, plus eight recipes!
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Handling Raw Chicken: Breathe, It’s All Going to be OK

I get it. Touching raw meat freaks some people out. That is ok. Trust me, you will get over it. I don’t say that to be glib, I say it because it’s true. Most of us have an aversion to touching raw meat at first but after the first one or two times we get over it. So take a deep breath, be sure to wash your hands well before and after handling, and dive right in.


Preparing Your Bird for Cooking

It’s best to remove the bird from the refrigerator at least an hour before cooking. This allows the bird to cook more evenly. Then remove…

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