Whenever I make this creamy Fettuccine with Tomatoes and Burrata Cheese, I am one happy camper. Fresh, flavorful, easy to make, and budget friendly, this pasta is swoon worthy!
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Fettuccine with Tomatoes and Burrata Cheese!

And when I say it’s easy to make, I mean easy! Besides the pasta there is no cooking involved in this recipe, just a little bit of chopping and you have a gorgeous meal.




When cooking pasta there are only a few things to remember:

1. Follow pasta box cooking instructions, they usually are right on.

2. Salt the water for flavor.

3. To keep pasta from sticking be sure to have lots of water in your pot, at least several inches above the pasta to allow room for expansion

4. stir frequently.

Because I have significantly cut back on grains, I used Cappello’s Grain Free Pasta for this recipe. Of course you can use your favorite brand of fettuccine. Cappello’s cooks in 60 seconds and is made with almond flour. I like the texture of this pasta much better than any grain/gluten free pasta I have ever tried.


Let’s Talk Ingredients:

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