I do love an easy grilled chicken recipe, and these Grilled Greek Chicken Kabobs are the easiest! They re also delicious, high in protein, low carb and Whole30 friendly.
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How To Make Grilled Greek Chicken Kabobs (Whole30-Keto):

These chicken skewers are really easy to make: simply cut chicken thighs or breasts into cubes and marinate in olive oil, fresh lemon juice, herbs and spices, slide onto skewers and then pop on the grill. 

What to Serve it With: 

You can serve this with my Chopped Greek Salad, or if you wish to keep it Whole30, try my Avocado Salad instead!

This One Ticks All The Boxes!

This recipe really is everything. Tender, juicy, delicious, healthy and beautiful. I hope you enjoy it all summer long. 


The Recipe: Grilled Greek Chicken Kabobs (Whole30-Keto)

What you need:  I use a microplane to zest my citrus and a hand held juicer  for juicing the lemons.