Y’all I am rocking this low carb thing. In fact, I am really enjoying it. I feel great and I get to eat fabulous food like this Herbed Chicken with Apple Cauliflower Rice. Winning! This recipe is so simple. It has very few ingredients, looks lovely, and when I serve it at dinner parties people always ask for the recipe. Let’s just say it’s s a new Paleo-Whole30-Low Carb favorite!
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The Crispy Baked Chicken:

Dark meat or white, that is the question. I use thighs for this recipe and here’s why: dark meat is more tender and moist than white. It always comes out well and is never dry like chicken breasts can be. Bone in, skin on has the best flavor, and let’s face it, that crispy skin is wicked good! That said, if you still prefer chicken breasts, I will offer that option in the recipe. I am nice like that. If you choose to use breasts, you will need to allow a little extra time for brining.

To get that flavor and crispy skin I use a compound butter (or ghee for my Whole30 friends!), which is just a fancy term for butter with herbs and spices in it. That yummy compound butter is placed under the chicken skin creating amazing flavor. Truly, it’s just delicious!


The Apple Cauliflower Rice:

So let’s…

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