Hey friends! I have a gorgeous treat for you today: Homemade Blueberry Swirl ‘No Churn’ Ice Cream. Now before you throw your hands up and say “I ain’t got no time for that!” I think you must have missed the key words… “No Churn” y’all! That’s right, you do not need a machine to make this smooth, rich, creamy ice cream.
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So, “How Does No Churn” Work?

It’s so simple it’s almost crazy. Why did anyone ever think we needed an ice cream maker to make ice cream? Believe it or not, you simply beat together heavy whipping cream, vanilla and sweetened condensed milk until peaks form, like soft whipped cream. Then pour into a container and freeze for at least 4 hours.


But What About That Berry Swirl?

The swirl is everything! Simply simmer blueberries, a little sugar and lemon juice to make a simple blueberry syrup. Then you swirl it through the cream. Can you even believe how pretty this is?

The Secret Ingredient: Creme Fraiche

You don’t need creme fraiche to make this ice cream amazing. It would be amazing without it. But creme fraiche adds an tantalizing tang to this creamy dessert. So I will suggest it, but you can make up your own mind (but do it ok?)

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