If you are intimidated by the thought of brining a turkey, let me et you mind at ease. This simple salt brine technique produces the juiciest, well-seasoned and most succulent bird imaginable. And I provide you with step by step instructions on How to Dry Brine and Cook an Herbed Butter Turkey!
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How to Dry Brine and Cook an Herbed Butter Turkey!

Why Dry Brine Instead of Wet Brine?

It’s well known that brining improves a turkey’s ability to retain moisture, since the salt helps break down the muscle fibers and season the bird throughout. But while wet brining has long been a traditional way to prepare a turkey — (and there a zillion resources on the web to show you how to do that) — dry brining is arguably the best way. My top reasons:

1) Dry brining is faster.
2) It produces less mess and less cleanup.
3) It’s way more delicious than wet brining (and way WAY more delicious than not brining at all).


How to Dry Brine and Cook an Herbed Butter Turkey:

To make a dry brine, combine kosher salt, brown sugar, baking powder (this helps produce a crispier skin) and a combination of your favorite spices. I like a blend of crushed coriander, mixed peppercorns, smoked paprika, rosemary, thyme and bay leaf. We also toss in a little citrus zest for good…

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