Salads are a bit of a passion of mine. So are homemade salad dressings. Once you start making your own, you will never go back to bottled. I usually make three dressings at one time…as long as you are pulling out the olive oil and vinegars why not make enough to last all week so you can grab them when needed? It’s a real time saver. So let’s get to it, here are My Favorite Fall/Winter Salad Dressings!
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Homemade Salad Dressing:  Better, Healthier, Delicious and Quick!

Store bought dressings are usually made with processed, tasteless, odorless, flavorless oils, not to mention preservatives, colorings and flavorings. Homemade salad dressing can be made in minutes and in my humble opinion fresh is always best! I think you will agree once you taste these vinaigrettes. Each of these recipes is grain free, gluten free and dairy free.

My Three Favorites: 

For this post I chose the three dressing I use most during fall and winter: Pomegranate, Creamy Lemon, and Apple Vinaigrette. Each can be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge for up to a week. 



Salad dressing actually has a formula: two parts healthy oil to one part acid. ‘Acid’ is either fruit juice or vinegar. For those of you that don’t get the “part”…

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