I love sweet potatoes. My husband loves white potatoes. And neither of us is calling a lawyer because we have found a way to settle our potato relationship woes: Orange and White Easy Potato Gratin, the best of both worlds!
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Orange and White Easy Potato Gratin: So easy!

Simply slice your potatoes, drench in cream, parmesan, green onion, thyme, sea salt and pepper, and arrange in rows. Then smother with more parmesan, bake, add a generous helping of gruyere, and voila!

Shave Some Time Off Prep By Using a Mandolin….See What I Did There?

A mandolin is a utensil that shaves veggies into thin slices and it can shave some time off your prep as well. This recipe is pretty quick. But if you want to save about five minutes, use a mandolin! Not only will this give you hands a break, but your slices will be perfectly thin and even.

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Tips and what you need: a mandolin or very sharp knife and 8Ă—12 baking dish….

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