I had so much fun creating this dish. I love an easy recipe, and this one is easy but will still impress the heck out of everyone that views your pics on Instagram (<—my account, yes that was a shameless plug). Seriously though, your friends will be asking for the recipe, so be ready to send them the link to my website for this creamy Pasta with Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta!
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Pasta with Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta:

This meal is really easy to make, loaded with Brussels sprouts (a pound of them to be exact), is incredibly flavorful, and cooks up in less than 25 minutes!


When cooking pasta there are only a few things to remember:

1. Follow pasta box cooking instructions, they usually are right on.

2. Salt the water for flavor.

3. To keep pasta from sticking be sure to have lots of water in your pot, at least several inches above the pasta to allow room for expansion, and…

4. stir frequently.



Making the most of your time is the best way to keep this recipe at 25 minutes from start to finish. While pasta water heats and pasta cooks, you can prep the pancetta, Brussels sprouts, garlic, and cheese. Then when the pasta is ready, you just toss it all together!

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