I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am about the arrival of spring! I am sure many of you feel the same way after this unusually harsh and long winter. Let’s kick spring into high gear with this Spring Roll Spaghetti Bowl with Grain Free Option!
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Isn’t This Just So Pretty!?

Just as healthy as it is beautiful, this pasta dish is loaded with veggies, greens and fresh herbs! To put this pasta salad over the top we drizzle it with a delicious sweet and spicy asian almond butter dressing made with hints of ginger and sriracha!

The Pasta Choices: Including a Delicious Grain Free Option!

When it comes to pasta, to each their own. You can use your favorite traditional spaghetti, or  gluten free spaghetti, or if you live completely grain free you can use Cali’flour Foods pasta! I love introducing you to interesting new healthier pasta options and Cali’flour Foods has come up with a winner! This pasta is made with only two ingredients: cauliflower and lentils for a firm, al dente, grain free pasta that tastes great and has fabulous texture. I also love Cali’flour foods pizza crusts. And now they make mini flat breads too!

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