My oh my I love this Summer Couscous Salad! It meets all the requirements for a summer side dish, it’s delicious, colorful, uses seasonal vegetables and herbs and it’s easy (as in 15 minutes easy!)
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What’s in The Summer Couscous Salad?

Well let’s start with Moroccan Couscous! There are so many great things about couscous…it’s pretty, goes with just about anything, it’s somewhat underused (so it impresses people) but best of all it’s virtually no fail. Simply bring water to a boil, then add the couscous, cover and take off heat. No risk of over or undercooking! Then you toss in some tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh herbs, perhaps some pine nuts or pistachios and drizzle with a lemon and olive oil dressing and you’re done. Yup, that’s it. And look how lovely it is!


Wondering What to Serve It With? 

It’s pretty great all by itself if you want to keep your meal light and vegetarian/vegan. But if you’re serving it as a side dish, I will suggest serving it alongside my perfect steak or with my hummus and pita….or even better, both!



What you need: As always you need a good knife. I love this brand of Moroccan Couscous and 

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