Last May my husband and I went to Italy. It was a magical two weeks spent sightseeing the most beautiful cities, touring countryside and taking fabulous cooking classes. I was in heaven. I honestly think if I didn’t have children and grandchildren here in the states, I could pack in all in and move to Italy, spending the rest of my days eating fresh vegetables, pizza, pasta and of course…Traditional Olive Oil Cake!
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Traditional Olive Oil Cake:

There are hundreds of recipes for olive oil cake online and most are very similar. Extremely similar in fact. My theory is, why mess with perfection? Olive oil cake is made with the usual cake ingredients but also includes olive oil  and plenty of orange and lemon zest . 


Before baking, the batter is topped with almond slices so the cake has a crispy, nutty top.

You can serve as is, or top the cake with assorted berries, peaches, grapes, whatever is in season!

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