Merry Christmas! When I was growing up we had a tradition of making rolled sugar cookies every Christmas. The recipe I am sharing today is the recipe my family has used for decades. I have no idea where the recipe originated but I remember my grandmother and mother making them and I did the same with my children when they were young. This year I baked them with my daughters and two of my three grand children for the first time, but we added a little twist to the family tradition.
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Traditional Rolled Sugar Cookies with a New Twist:


So What is the Twist?

Unlike the cookies we made when we were young, we are skipping the artificial food dyes in favor of all natural vegetable dye food coloring. (<–affiliate link) The colors are beautiful and there are no worries about children consuming the nasty chemicals found in artificially enhanced food colorings. I used this powdered coloring made with vegetables. 


Times Change but Traditions Don’t Have To…

So put on the Christmas music, pull out the stand mixer, the rolling pin, and a set of little bowls and make some cookies with your family. It’s something they will always remember. I know I will.

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